About us

As the Hungarian representative of the Belgian manufacturer Salus SA our objective is to provide our customers with a unique experience: the joy of playing on a design pool table that with its individual configuration beautifully compliments our clients’ dining room in a modern home environment or a stylishly arranged office space.

For more than 85 years, the Aramith group has developed and manufactured products that bring value to the consumer. By focusing on top quality products since the creation of the company in 1923, they have constantly adapted their range to changes in their customers’ lifestyles. Their desire to listen, look, analyze and anticipate has enabled them to be trendsetting at many times.

Aramith Group does not take success for granted because they believe that customers are entitled to be demanding. They specialize in the field of lifestyle and sharing pleasure in the comfort of your home, with family or friends from all generations. The Fusion table offers a completely new concept for the dining room or office environment. A unique product which meets a need to join together. With its surprising design concept, the Fusion table adds a new dimension to entertainment at home or in the office. Rather than an external sign of wealth, it offers its know-how to help you to relax and unwind at home or at work. At a time when most people spend hours alone in front of their computer, going home and having fun with friends offers balance and meaning to life. The Aramith team took great pleasure in designing the Fusion table. It hopes that you will have just as much pleasure using it.