We manufacture our Fusion tables by using the very best and modern design materials and a strict selection of the finest wood veneers coming all from non low-cost suppliers.
Tables are made in our own factory in Belgium by transforming powder coated steel, veneered wood, MDF, varnish, lacquer into pleasure.


Using state of the art CNC machines, the Fusion table is manufactured to very tight tolerances for a precise assembly. Its wooden parts are CNC cut and finished with multi-layer varnishing by passionate artisans.


In order for all the billiard table’s components to be included unobtrusively in the less than 12 cm (4 ½’’) thick Fusion table’s profile, an ingenious and unique pocket system has been developed. This consists of a strong high-tech elasticised nylon net able to hold all the balls pocketed during the game, which returns to its original flat position when the balls are removed. A metallic sliding system is placed over it to store the balls in the pockets without deforming them once the game is over, meaning that your dining table is able to hold all the equipment needed for a game of billiards, without anyone suspecting a thing.


The Fusion pool table rail system is equipped with K66 model rails, known to offer one of the best rebounds allowing a high degree of accuracy in the game.


The Fusion table comes standard with pre-installed Simonis worsted cloth which guarantees optimal speed, smooth roll, easy maintenance and longevity.

Sold in over 50 countries, Iwan Simonis cloth is truly the universal choice for cue sports. Having earned its reputation with professional players and amateurs alike, Simonis remains the choice for more tournaments worldwide than any other cloth.

Simonis is truly The Cloth of Champions® and you can use its functional superiority to enhance your enjoyment of the game because it allows you to play your best.


The unique steel Space-Frame construction with an integrated leveling system allows an easy, quick and accurate assembly. Contrary to wooden pool tables, the rigid Space-Frame makes it totally unnecessary to correct its level afterwards, as the frame stays not influenced by room temperature or humidity.