How to Choose your Pool Dining Table

Choosing and buying a dining pool table is a long term interior design investment for your home as this item will stay into your house for many years. In order to make a well-informed decision, we would like to help you in answering important questions you need to clarify before you order any pool or dining pool table.

This first question is : What do I want ?

Will this pool table be used for children recreation only or will it be also for serious play or having funny moments with your guests after dinner? If you just look for a toy for your childrens, than just go for the cheapest possible as long as users safety is not in danger.

When your intention is to get a real dining pool concept you should consider 9 major issues concerning the table size and components quality.

  1. The Space quest

There are many different pool table sizes and games in the world. Nearly each game has got its own regulation standards, table sizes, pockets shapes and ball diameters. So one English Pool table is completely different from one French or Russian billiard table. English and American pool are quite similar due to their same origins.

You have to know the American pool is the most played pool game worldwide and also one of the easiest games to start with. This is why lot of users are choosing this pool game for home leisure because all the people are able to have fun without too much technical skill requirements. Official WPA (World Pool association) standards for american pool competitions require a game area matching the oversized 8’ pool English size or also 9’ format. It means 92×46 inches or 234x117cm minimum game area (excluding cushions). But English and American pool table are available in various sizes from 6’ to 12’ format.

A lot of pool users prefer to buy a 7’ English or American pool table for their home because of the space available. To comply with 7’ size the game area has to reach 193×96.5cm (76×38 inches). Our Fusiontables model is a real official 7’ sized. To be able to install a Fusiontable, you will need at least the following space* : 418x322cm (163’’x126’’) Into that space all your furniture or other obstacles are to be lower than 80cm

*To match de WPA standards the cue stick have to be at least 102cm long. (40’’)

  1. Stones rock it better

There is no qualitative substitute for a pool table made of slate. Common substitutes include plywood, fiberboard, or any other synthetic components, but none of these alternatives offer the smooth experience and accuracy of the slate. Other materials tend to warp over time and have less durability.

Slate rock is made over thousands years from volcanic ash that is mined, quarried, cut and leveled into smooth flat sheets. Pool table slate standard sizes are, 3/4″ slate, 1″ slate and 1-1/4″ slate according to the size of the pool, and the game selected.

Be sure to ask that the slate is truly a stone and not made of any other component.

Fusiontables playing areas are all made of 3/4″ slate.

From 1″ slate this is important to consider the slate must be supported in the middle of the frame. Otherwise the table will sag in the time. As long as your slate is less than 1″ you actually don’t need middle support. Fusiontables has developped its frame system with a negative deflection to anticipate the weight impact on the whole table. However Fusiontables can supply the table with middle support (option)

Somes tables are made of one-piece bed and others are made of 3 pieces of stone.

The most interesting advantage to get mono-bed  table is that you don’t need to level the connecting stone pieces. In this way your pool table stays accurate in time without any further maintenance necessary.

  1. Metal Frame at work

The frame of a pool table holds nearly its overall weight and must be supported by very strong legs. Wooden or MDF frames might be deformed by the weight of the slate, only steel frames ensure a perfect stand for years. Fusiontables are made of Steel or Stainless steel frames and legs. The legs are fixed on the frame by 32 screws to avoid any move of the frame when built.

When you want to select a dining pool table you have to consider the thickness of the metal frame profile, otherwise you won’t be able to sit under the table confortably. You need at least 63cm under the frame to have a normal seat without any problem. When the table frame is higher than 12cm, your table will be for sure higher than a conventional dining table (75cm) or will not allow you to use normal chairs. This has a lot of implications for your future chairs, seats, benches or for the confort you will feel during a long dinner.

Fusiontables is able to rise from 75cm dining standard position to the right pool position (table tops at 82,5cm = slate at 76,5cm from the floor) in just one move, without any efforts thanks to the licensed Easy Lift system. More than this Fusiontables created a flat extending pocket net system to avoid the ball recuperator tube under the table. On that point, less is definitely more for your knees.

  1. Wool and the gang

Cloth is generally a wool/nylon blend for the more expensive tables, or a synthetic nylon for recreational tables. Only high quality cloth provides you a smooth and durable playing surface.

Many players are more concerned about speed and traction on the playing surface. Worsted cloth typically made from wool offers fibers that are combed before spinning which will improve speed and accuracy of the cloth. The most famous brand name in pool clothes is the Belgian Iwan Simonis who produces the best competition pool felt in the world.

All the Fusiontables are equiped with Simonis US pool cloth containing 85% wool fiber.

When you want a pool table to be an effective dining table, you might be interested by the Water resistant range. Simonis offers such a pre-treated cloth, called H2O, to enjoy your dinner without any stress.

  1. Up for these Cushions

 The cushions or rails of a pool table are normally made from either synthetic materials or natural gum or gum blends. The synthetic gum will dry, out, lose its bounce and become a “dead rail”.

K66-Rails profile for Fusiontables use natural gum materials; these types of rails provide a predictable bounce that will last as long as you own the table.

  1. Raise Yourself

A lot of pool tables are equiped with a device to level up or down the table to ensure the slate position. Often this levelling device is hidden in the frame of the table. So you need to dismantle some parts of the table to level it. Fusiontables has developped one unique and invisible system in the legs of the table. You can adjust the table position at any time to make it flat.

  1. Inner Value

A lot of pool tables suppliers are using painted plastic tabletops, glass tops, laminated tops delivered in 2 or one piece (or even not supplying table tops). Those panels could be easy scratching or not easy to remove when you are playing alone. Fusiontables opted for 3 lighter table tops made of high quality natural veneered oak or walnut, covered by the highest quality varnish just to give the users a noble wood feeling during their dinner experience.

  1. « design saves life and marriages « 

Most of the dining pool concepts are usually heavy looking or quite classical. Our fusiontables master piece is made to match the contemporary interior design trends. The sleek metal frame and legs construction gives nice proportions. The wide range of finishings allows you to make this table enter your dining room or meeting room with elegance nothing less. Thanks to this nice design the table will probably stay longer into your living room.